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Aquatic Body Conditioning

The College of New Jersey Aquatic Center is proud to offer ABC, part of a series of programs designed to provide the college and surrounding community with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of aquatic activities.

Each class of ABC consists of a short warm-up followed by a 45 minute series of instructor led exercises designed to increase aerobic capacity, muscle strength and flexibility. Classes meet either two or three times per week.

ABC Advantages

  • The buoyancy of the water prevents joint and muscle stress often associated with traditional aerobics by cushioning the weight bearing joints.
  • The resistance of the water provides an excellent medium for improving strength without the use of weights. The movement/circulation of the water provides continuous gentle muscle and joint massage, relieving muscle soreness and improving flexibility. The program is 100% individualized. Participants can complete the exercises at their current level of fitness.

Consult your physician before undertaking this or any exercise program.

Class Information

Fee Structure
Per Single Session Per 5 Session
Session Package
General Public $70.00 $300.00
Sr. Citizen $60.00 $260.00
Members $50.00 $215


ABC classes are offered in five (5) 7 week sessions. Individuals may sign up for any or all of the sessions below:
Session I:   TBA
Session II:   TBA
Session III:   TBA
Session IV:   TBA
Session V:   TBA

There will be no classes during Spring Break or on Commencement Day.


Classes Meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday



Registration Information


We are currently looking for an instructor.  As soon as an instructor is hired, dates and times will be posted.  Thank you for your patience.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Registrations are due 1 week in advance of the class date. Registrations will be accepted in person or by mail. Phone in registrations will not be accepted. Each participant is required to sign a consent form and release form as well as obtain written permission from a physician prior to participation in class. Enrollment will be limited in each program. Payment will be accepted by check or money order only. NO REFUNDS.

Each course will strictly adhere to the posted schedule. Individuals are not eligible to use the pool outside their class time unless they are members. Parking will be available in the stadium lots, 5-7, only. Lot 12 beside the Aquatic Center will not be available. (Handicapped participants will be able to register to park in Lot 12.  NJ State Handicapped Designation Required.) Campus parking regulations are strictly enforced.

If priority events are scheduled that conflict with ABC, every effort will be made to reschedule that class. Any changes to the regular schedule will be announced.

Registration may be done through the mail or in-person.  You can click the above link to get a printable Registration Form. Please call (609) 771-3249 or e-mail us with any questions.